Circumstellar Media and Late Stages of Massive Stellar Evolution

September 4-8, 2006, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

*****Sessions will start on Tuesday 5th******



The registration fee will be 50 $ (use cash for the fee at the registration desk). The registration will start on Monday the 4th of September at 18:00 at the Conference Hotel and will continue on Tuesday the 5th of September from 9:00 at the conference room.


It is recommended to arrive the 4th of September. Ensenada is full during that weekend because of "Labor Day" (USA vacation), and there will be probably no rooms available. There are, however, a number (all prices) of hotels/motels near San Diego airport and downtown, for those of you with early arrivals.

Single room 49 $.
Double room 69 $.
Family room (up to 6) 79 $.
Breakfast will be 6 $ per person.

Check in will start on Monday 4th at 1:00 PM at the front desk.

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  • Monday 4th (8:00 PM): Wellcome reception at Hotel Mision Santa Isabel.

  • Wednesday 6th (8:00 PM): Restaurant "623" wine tasting ***** 40 $.

  • Thursday 7th (8:00 PM) : Restaurant "El Charro" conference dinner ***** 30 $.

  • Saturday 9th morning (half-day trip): Tour to the wineries at Guadalupe Valley ***** 12 $.

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    The contributions to the meeting will be printed in the
    Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica Serie de Conferencias.
    Editors: G. Garcia-Segura and E. Ramirez-Ruiz

    Invited Speakers (Talks are 25 min + 5 min questions)
    Contributed talks (Talks are 15 min + 5 min questions)

    Session I: SN/GRB progenitors and their CSM

    N. Langer "SN/GRB progenitors"(I)
    S.-C. Yoon "pre-GRB evolution of massive stars"(I)
    A.-J. van Marle "Models for the CSM of long Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitor Candidates"(I)
    Y.-H. Chu "CSM around late stages of stellar evolution"(I)
    R. Humphreys "The Circumstellar Environments of the Cool Hypergiants: Implications for the Mass Loss Mechanism"(I)
    K. Davidson "The Giraffe at the Tea Party: Eta Carinae"(I)
    E. Reynoso "Radio observations of SNR environments"(I)
    J. S. Vink "Pre-SN mass loss predictions for massive stars" (C)

    Session II: Effets of binarity, binary progenitors, SNe Ib/Ic, ...

    P. Podsiadlowski "Binary progenitors "(I)
    O. Pols "pre-SN evolution of massive binaries" (I)
    P. Mazzali "Hypernova, GRBs and their associated SNe"(I)
    M. Corcoran "Eta Car X-rays"(I)
    S. Smartt "Progenitors of core collapse SNe" (I)
    E. Ramirez-Ruiz "Collapsars"(I)
    J. Eldridge "Massive binaries as supernova progenitors"(C)

    Session III: SN Ejecta and their interaction with the CSM

    R. A. Chevalier "Circumstellar interaction around Type Ib/c supernovae and the GRB connection"(I)
    C. Fransson: "CS interaction for Type II SNe"(I)
    V. Dwarkadas "SN interaction with stellar winds and bubbles."(I)
    S. Immler "CSM Environments of Supernovae"(I)
    J. Hoffman "Polarized Line Profiles as Diagnostics of Circumstellar Geometry in Type IIn Supernovae"(I)
    S. Van Dyk "circumstellar environments of core-collapse supernovae"(I)
    A. Soderberg "Type Ib/c radio observations"(I)

    Session IV: Cas A and young SNRs (1987A, ....)

    R. Fesen "Cas A/optical observations"(I)
    M. Laming "Cas A/X-rays, evolutionary history"(I)
    J. Rho "Cas A/infrared observations"(I)
    B. Perez "Progenitor Stars and CSM of SNe in the Range 23-33 Mo and Their Relation with SNR Cas A"(I)
    S. Park "Xray observations of SNR with CSM interaction(G292, 1987A)"(I)
    D. Dewey "Cas A / Properties of the bright X-ray knots "(C)
    G. Rudie "Evidence for CSM in the young Galactic SNR 3C58"(C)

    Session V: Gamma-ray bursts and their afterglows

    X. Prochaska "Clues to the Massive Progenitors of GRB from the Gas Surrounding Them" (I)
    P. Kumar "The kinetic energy content of GRB/SN explosions"(I)
    J. Granot " Theory of GRB Afterglows"(I)
    M. A. Aloy "Relativistic jets in GRBs"(I)

    Session VI: High redshift / low metallicity issues, Pop III & pair instability, GRB hosts/environments, SN/GRB rate

    H.-W. Chen "GRB as probes for Cosmolgy"(I)
    A. Fruchter "Host Galaxies of GRBs and SNe"(I)
    T. Abel "Pop III stars"(I)
    M. DellaValle "The SN-long duration GRB connection"(I)


    Scientific Organizing Committee:

    N. Brickhouse, A. J. Castro-Tirado, R. Chevalier, Y.-H. Chu , D. Cox,
    J. Franco, C. Fransson, G. Garcia-Segura, U. Hwang, N. Langer,
    E. Ramirez-Ruiz, M. Rupen, R. Terlevich, J. Vink

    Local Organizing Committee:

    G. Garcia-Segura, J. A. Lopez, M. Rozas, G. Tovmasian, L. Hernandez