Lessons in this section are a basic introduction to ShapeMol, the modeling code for molecular radiation transfer. Currently ShapeMol can handle a number of transitions of carbon monoxide (CO).

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1- ShapeMol Setup

  • Download and installation of molecular data
  • ShapeMol video playlist on YouTube

    Click on "Playlist" at the bottom of the video for access to individual lessons. For best viewing you might want to switch to full screen video and use a HD setting for the video quality (buttons in the lower right corner of the video).

    2- Synthetic spectral profiles

  • Setup ShapeMol species
  • Setup Renderer
  • 3- Synthetic channel maps

  • Setup channel map module
  • 4- Warnings and messages

  • Where to find output messages
  • How to solve potential problems shown by warning output
  • Modules and features involved  
    3D Module
    3D Module
    Render Module
    Render Module
    Render Module