Render Module

Lessons in this section are on the handling of the different aspects of the Render Module.

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Render 1 - Image groups

  • What is an image group?
  • Multiple image groups
  • Render Module video playlist on YouTube.
    Click on "Playlist" at the bottom of the video for access to individual lessons. For best viewing you might want to switch to full screen video (button in the lower right corner of the video).

    Render 2 - Basic renderer

  • Parameters
  • Image types
  • Gradient image properties dialog
  • Render 3 - Observed images

  • Load an observed image to the background
  • Observed and difference image
  • Edit image
  • Save images
  • Render 3 - Physical rendering

  • Raytrace and render process
  • Grid size and image size
  • Physical renderer
  • Preview renderer
  • Image

  • Image size and positioning
  • Seeing and point-spread function
  • Camera

  • Inclination and position angle
  • Viewing direction with respect to world coordinates
  • Measurement

  • Protractor
  • Measure angles and distances in image


  • Image units
  • Object distance
  • Units conversion utility