Object modifiers

Lessons in this section are on the handling of the different object modifiers. They are part of the properties of individual objects and determine their geometry, velocity field and density distribution, among other physical properties.

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Modifiers 1 - Physical modifiers
(density, temperature, pressure)

  • Magnitude as a function of coordinates
  • Operations (concatenate modifiers)
  • Templates for analytic functions
  • Constants (local and global)
  • Texture (video 2 on playlist)

  • Modifiers video playlist on YouTube.
    Click on "Playlist" at the bottom of the video for access to individual lessons. Make sure to increase the "Video Quality" to HD for best viewing quality.

    Modifiers 2 - Local coordinate system (Video 3)

  • Move local coordinate system in world coordinates
  • Translation
  • Modifiers 3 - Geometry

  • Squeeze, stretch, warp, twist, shear, etc.
  • Gizmos (interactively transform modifier coordinate system)
  • Modifiers 4 - Vertex

  • Move vertices in local coordinate system
  • Vertex selection tool with its property dialog
  • Rotate vertex group selections
  • Modifiers 5 - Camera

  • Inclination and position angle
  • Viewing direction with respect to world coordinates
  • Modifiers 6 - Velocity 1

  • Modes (Quick, Custom, Analytic)
  • Vector field types (Radial, Rotation, Surface Normal, etc)
  • Coordinate dependencies
  • Concatenation of velocity modifiers
  • Modifiers 7 - Velocity 2

  • Vector field visualization
  • Vectors and flow lines
  • Doppler images (red-blue, gradient)