Shape Features

Here is a list of the general features of Shape, including links to videos on the ShapeScience YouTube channel that show sample applications for various features.

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Basic morpho-kinematics
  • Arbitrary structure, velocity field and emissivity
  • Output: Images, PV-diagrams, channel maps, line profiles
  • Analytic f unction interpreter with arbitrary variable names
  • Spreadsheet
  • Spreadsheet variable access from all modules
Variability and animation
  • Practically all model parameters can be made time variable, including model structure
  • Explicit physical modeling, e.g. analytical or numerical hydrodynamics
  • Implicit variability through motion, e.g. rotation or occultations
  • Lightcurves
  • Spectral variability
  • Output as individual image frames or movies
Radiation transfer
  • Raytracing algorithm on uniform cartesian 3D grid
  • Atomic lines
  • CO lines
  • Custom emission and absorption coefficients
  • Scattering (incl. multiple and non-isotropic)
  • Cyclotron emission
  • Threaded parallel multi-core computation of physical and rendering processes
  • Threaded non-blocking user interface
  • Interactive 3D mesh construction
  • Automatic parameter optimization
  • Hydrodynamics (incl. radiative cooling, van Leer FVS)
  • Fields (Magnetic, gravitational) for radiation computations
  • Superconductors (magnetic field)
  • Color coded Doppler images
  • Real-time interactive rendering of physical quantities in hydrodynamic simulations
  • Variety of 1D data plotting modes
  • Movie player and encoder for multiple parallel image sequences in a single movie